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Thursday, 13 November 2014

Last Official Crochet Lesson

Well the ladies have come along in leaps and bounds in the 6 weeks since we began this adventure.

They all know the basic stitches and can read the pattern notations and have tackled various items from the Attic24 website.

Here's the latest Birdie Decoration

Some Flowers and Daffodils too.

One lady is going to try the Cosy Neck Warmer, so watch this space...

We learnt Popcorn Stitch last week and now have 2 more popcorn flowers to show off.

Plus the first square of many for a gorgeous baby blanket, a lifelong ambition of one lady, nearly realised, how wonderful is that.

This week we tackled Crocodile Stitch, now that was fun.... Ladders and rungs and scales in all orientations, lots of trial and error but everyone got there in the end.

The ladies can now spot where they have gone wrong and how they have gone wrong.

A world away from where they began as complete beginners 6 weeks ago.

Well done everyone.


Sue said...

WOW! Loads of lovely crochet.

Hope you are having a nice week. Sue

Lynn Holland said...

How fantastic that they were all so successful. I've tried every technique going but it just doesn't happen. Don't think my brain is wired right for it or my left handedness. I've even had left handed tutors trying to teach me :-(
Thank you for linking me in
Lynn x